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The Essence of Leadership: Beverly E. Smith

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

by Tonya Hawley

LEAD360 defines leadership as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Behindthis word are many individuals who bring life andaccountability to the action. Occasionally, there are exceptional leaders who stand out amongst the many holding the title; one whose guidance makes an impactful difference on many lives; one like Beverly E. Smith.

National President and CEO of Delta Sigma Theta, Beverly E. Smith, speaking at the Executive Women’s Brunch at the LEAD360 COMBINE in Atlanta,GA. be the spark that turns on the light bulb in others....”

Smith has been a leader amongst leaders, paving the way for thousands of individuals who have benefitted from her various positions over the past 49 years. Currently, Smith leads over 300,000 as she serves as National President & CEO for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., one of the nation’s largest minority female-owned and operated public service non-profits. Her leadership style has been developed and shaped throughout the years by multiple positions including Assistant Commissioner for Adult Education and GED Testing, 18 years in leadership with er husband, Stephen.

AT&T (Southern Bell), and Assistant Dean of Student Life Programs at Georgia State University. She has also exemplified the leadership role as a successful entrepreneur by serving 24 years as Senior Vice President of The HR Group Inc., a management consulting firm co-owned with her husband, Stephen. Just as impressive as her career is her dedication to community service. In addition to her lifetime commitment to her Sorority, Smith has been actively involved in organizations like The National Council of Negro Women, Girls Inc., Cobb County Board of Elections & Registration, Cobb County Chamber of Commerce, and so much more. This is a just a glimpse of what has warranted the multitude of very deserving awards and accolades received by Smith.

Beverly Smith has guided, nurtured, influenced and taught, while staying true to her vision and goals:“ be the spark that turns on the light bulb in others causing them to see their own personal potential and understand what is within their reach; to be open-minded and recognize the value of the opposing view; and to teach – not only in the traditional way, but life lessons.” This is true definition of the essence of leadership-defined byTHE Leader.

LEAD360 is proud to recognize Beverly E. Smith as being a conduit in leadership and congratulates her for being named the LEAD360 Executive of theYear.

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